Apparat – Devil’s Walk (CD)

There is a timeless quality to Devil’s Walk that will make it particularly germane to any fan of electronic music, whether it be the early work of Kraftwerk, the New Wave era, or something newer. This is because each of the 10 tracks that are on Devil’s Walk are able to speak singularly and as a larger effort. The title begins with Sweet Unrest, a track that touches upon the different styles and feelings that are brought forth on the rest of this title.

This introduction to Apparat is expanded upon with Song of Los, a track that teases the human versus electronic dialogue in a way that will be amenable to fans of instrumental and vocal music alike. As Devil’s Walk continues to spin, Apparat is able to add different tools to their repertoire. What results during tracks like Black Water or Goodbye is something that was only briefly touched upon during the introductory track – these tracks expand listeners’ minds as well as hearts. As the disc continues on, Apparat continues to throw everything but the kitchen sink it; while a track like Ash / Black Veil has a more vintage (read: eighties) feel to it, there is a dialogue created by the periphery.

Multiple listens are required to understand the extent of what Sascha Ring is looking to do with Devil’s Walk; the compositions are dense, and can be taken in a completely different context based on what specific side one chooses to focus on. Devil’s Walk is one of the most fulfilling electronic-based albums out this year, and should be actively searched out by anyone that is a fan of good music. Transcending genre boundaries, Devil’s Walk is a must-have.

Top Tracks: Sweet Unrest, Goodbye (With Soap & Skin)

Rating: 7.9/10

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