Cradle of Filth – Evermore Darkly (CD)

At this point in their career, it is incredibly easy for Cradle of Filth to release albums that play on where they had been musically in their glory days. On Evermore Darkly, Cradle of Filth look both to invigorate their sound as well as to recall all sides of their multi-faceted approach. This EP represents a bold step forward for the band – they are still kicking and would love to absolutely melt your face off with this release. Evermore Darkly starts out with Transmission From Hell, a brutal two-minute introduction to fans, an update for where the band has been and where they want to go.

Thank Your Lucky Scars keeps up the same high energy of Transmission From Hell, but twists and turns the overall output to widen the possible array of instruments which the band can eviscerate their listeners with. As the tracks continue to increase in length, a narrative comes into view. While the band simply does not have time to do more than introduce it with Transmission From Hell, Forgive Me Father and The Spawn of Love and War contain a great deal of storyline.

The value of Evermore Darkly is increased through the inclusion of a DVD that captures the band’s travels through the summer of this year. Framed around an interview with Dani, viewers will be able to show the extent of Cradle of Filth’s fan base as well as hear the live efforts by which they are known. Until Cradle of Filth releases their next full length or plays tour dates around your neck of the woods, Evermore Darkly should be played at maximum volume. Check it out at your local musical store or favorite online retailer.

Top Tracks: Thank Your Lucky Scars, The Persecution Song

Rating: 8.4/10

Cradle of Filth – Evermore Darkly (CD) / 2011 Nuclear Blast America / 8 Tracks /

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