Kesho MJ Taupe (Shoe)

The Kesho MJ in Taupe is the perfect autumn shoe. This is for many reasons; the color is a muted, lighter shade of brown that pops among the foliage, the unique MBT design ensures the highest amount of comfort, and the open top showcases a woman’s foot perfectly. The shoe’s versatility cannot be challenged – no matter whether the wearer is dressed up for dinner at a fancy restaurant or just is going to class in sweatpants and a hoody – the Kesho MJ just pops. The tremendous durability of the shoe will ensure its continual presence in wardrobes – the top strap is made from a thick grade of leather (full grain, as is the rest of the shoe), while the sole is dense and will stand up to considerable amounts of walking. The give of the sides of the Kesho MJ is such that women of all foot widths will easily be able to slip them on; this give does not translate into a loose fit, no matter how often one wears the shoes.

Keep in mind that all MBT shoes have a Masai Sensor that ensures that wearers have an upright posture; this posture correction leads to better stability. By extension, wearing the Kesho MJs in autumn could lead to increased stability in winter, which will lead to less slips and other accidents on the ice.

If taupe is not your favorite color, MBT has you covered – there are versions of the Kesho MJ in Black, Navy, and Tan. Make sure to hit up Shop MBT (linked above) and purchase a pair today.

Rating: 9.1/10

Kesho MJ Taupe (Shoe) / $265 / /

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