Madden Brothers Unleash “Before Volume 1” Mixtape Featuring Kreayshawn, Cool Kids and Wiz Khalifa, Amongst Others

The Madden Brothers took some time away from their incessant schedule touring as Good Charlotte and went back to their roots: love of music. The dynamic duo crafted a well-rounded mixtape, “Before Volume 1,” showcasing their passion for hip-hop, pop hooks, and the effortless marriage of, which premiered via Complex magazine.

“Benji and I started this mixtape in May of 2011, not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into. The only thing we agreed on was that we would finish it,” says Joel Madden. “If we could get 12 worthy songs to put together, we would be happy that we finished what we started. The entire project was a labor of love, amongst friends and piers who either believe in us, or just liked us enough to have the goodwill to join in,” he adds.

The brothers’ experiment became a quick reality, and all the while remained true to their objective – to be creative and have fun. Their carefully curated mix includes an array of artists they respect and enjoy, some more known than others, united in their collaborative vision. As a result, the collection teems with party-ready tunes and perhaps unveils an unexpected side to the brothers, which is a good reminder to leave preconceived opinions behind.

The pint-sized Kreayshawn spits her feisty rhymes on “Firetruck,” reminding us she’s “hot,” while “Let Go” flows over beats and synths, firm in its pop-song foundation and primed for a dance floor. The Machine Gun Kelly collaboration, “Ohmygod (OMGMGK),” instantaneously charges, steered by the Clevelander’s rapid-fire flow yet bound by a sing-along chorus, compliments of the Maddens. A video for the synth-heavy track is set to premiere in the coming weeks.

“‘Firetruck’ is a surprisingly infectious, radio-ready song that channels some of the charming bump of ‘Gucci Gucci,’ deemed Pitchfork.

“I think ultimately everyone on this project share the same ideals of how things are supposed to be,” offers Joel Madden. “We all started this in our bedrooms, basements, and garages. Before the deals, or the blogs, or any kind of attention… we were all just happy to get in the studio and create.” If Volume 1 comes as a surprise, there’s no telling what Volume 2 may bring.


1. “Let Go” – Madden Brothers X Mistezo X Hollywood Holt X Casey Veggies

2. “Ohmygod (OMGMGK)” – Madden Brothers X Machine Gun Kelly

3. “Take Me Back To Teenage Crime” – Madden Brothers X Rockie Fresh

4. “Firetruck” – Madden Brothers X Kreayshawn

5. “The Right Track (So Cold)” – Madden Brothers X Rockie Fresh

6. “In The Night” – Madden Brothers X Wiz Khalifa X Detail

7. “The Trees” – Madden Brothers X The Cool Kids

8. “Treated! Freestyle Interlude” – Hollywood Holt

9. “Doin’ My Thing” – Madden Brothers X Tayyib Ali

10. “Made It Happen” – Madden Brothers X Billy Blue

11. “Diamonds” – Madden Brothers X Ark Angel

12. “A Million Tears” – Madden Brothers

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