Random Touch – Tributary (CD)

Tributary is a two-disc effort; the band is given ample opportunity to stretch their wings and experiment with time signatures, influences, and the band’s overall sound. Tributary marks their 15th full album as a band, but do not let that scare you – what listeners will experience when they put in either disc of the effort is as fresh and as compelling as the most fresh-faced bands. The album begins with To Be Hear, a track that brings listeners in through intelligent arrangements, a solid sound, and a production that does not privilege certain elements of the band while ignoring others.

The interplay between the constituent members kicks up with Just So and More; the cohesiveness of the act during this side of the release makes it easy for fans to kick up their feet and await further rock.
The two albums of Tributary are united through a similar set of influences and styles, but there are slightly different feels between the two. The first disc contains more of the psychedelic and experimental recordings, while the second disc (especially noticeable during From The Inside Out and A Rain of Grace) is much more centered on the rock basics than anything. This 2-CD album ends with The Opposite of Memory. This track is important as it unites the distinct twists and turns that the band takes over the course of the last 23 songs, all while looking forward to where the band may take things with Flock (their upcoming album).

If you would like your own copy of Tributary, pick it up from the band’s official website (linked above). Spin it for a few months, and by that time, Flock (their upcoming album) may be out on store shelves.

Top Tracks: To Be Hear, How Blessed We Are

Rating: 7.9/10

Random Touch – Tributary (CD) / 2011 Self / http://www.randomtouch.com

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