Sedalia – Growtheries EP (CD)

Sedalia play the same style of very calm, acoustic-led rock that has dominated the styles of acts like Devendra Banhart and Vetiver. This is essentially the lowest of the lo-fi, where it sounds as if a microphone was placed into the recording room and the band huddled around it. This does not mean that the band is lacking in any meaningful way with talent, but just that there is not an overarching production that removes authority from the band.

Tracks begin and end quickly, as Sedalia does not allow the tracks to be ground into the ground; “9 Steps to a Little Death” is perhaps the most full of the tracks, as Sedalia goes through a number of different styles before the track ends well before the two and a half minute mark. The dark strings that open up “Give Up Your Ghost” give a more brooding, deeper sound to the previously cheery sound of the earlier sounds of “Growtheries”. There is almost a circus atmosphere to “Giver Up Your Ghost”, as the percussion present on the track almost makes the song feel as if it is one played during a Merry-Go-Round. “Give Up Your Ghost” is nearly the longest track on “Growtheries”; this added time is something that makes the band seem that much more impressive. It feels almost as if the band does not give a majority of their compositions enough time to properly get off the ground. The band does not need o change their overall style or the production tied to that style, but the one thing that the band should look into is adding a little more time to each of their subsequent tracks.

If that happens, I can foresee Sedalia being moved up to the big time and getting a deal on DiChristina or Anti- records. This act is not one at the current that has much notoriety, but hopefully a few individuals that are into this style of music will find the review and pick up the album based on that. The full sound of the act is tender and mild, so that one feels as if they are being caressed as the harsh forces break against them. Here’s to hoping that Sedalia is able to create another CD out of the same cloth as “Growtheries”, and that the results will be stronger and fuller than even this album. Give it a go!

Top Track: Give Up Your Ghost

Rating: 6.8/10

Sedalia – Growtheries EP / 2006 Barely Bias / 6 Tracks / / Reviewed 15 July 2006


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