Steve Hackett – Beyond the Shrouded Horizon (CD)

For those that may be younger and do not know Steve Hackett’s pedigree, ey was a major part of Genesis. After recording nearly ten albums for the outfit, Hackett decided to forge off on eir own and create music that represented eir. Beyond the Shrouded Horizon is two CDs dedicated to the furtherance of that goal. This 2-CD set begins with Loch Lomond, which situates listeners in a familiar position before Hackett et al can go into the more nuanced and labyrinthine compositions that are to follow.

Wanderlust is its titular ailment – the track is able to move through a tremendous amount of different styles and approaches in the furtherance of its goal, while A Place Called Freedom intersperses much more closed-in compositions until the release. This release makes the track truly pop, and provides listeners with the energy that they need to finish up the title. Along the way to its end, Beyond the Shrouded Horizon adds a little middle-Eastern influence (Two Faces of Cairo), establishes the different environmental forces that may be experienced (a four part expansion on the four winds theory), and even moves into human interaction. This late-album track (She Said Maybe) provides a substantial dollop of humanity to the mix. With a darker side coming out in this side latter part of the album (noticed during Enter the Night and Reconditioned Nightmare), Hackett’s range is considerable and eir subject material even more so.

Beyond the Shrouded Horizon is a unique album that moves through genre constraints to create an impressive effort. Put on a pair of headphones and see where exactly Hackett will take you over the course of a few hours – you will not be sorry.

Top Tracks: Between the Sunset and The Coconut Palms, She Said Maybe

Rating: 8.8/10

Steve Hackett – Beyond the Shrouded Horizon (CD) / 2011 Inside Out Music / 22 Tracks /

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