The Rockdoves – From The Birds (CD)

There are a number of different artists that attempt to make music for children. Many of these artists create efforts that can only be enjoyed by the younger set. However, I believe that the music that is on From The Birds can speak to all ages. This is due to intelligent musicianship and care taken throughout the disc to continually make interesting and intelligent efforts. From The Birds begins with So Many Ways To Say Hi, a shuffling track with absolutely crystal-clear vocals.

There is little more to So Many Ways than a guitar and a tambourine, but the outward sound feels much more fulfilling than one would think. A similar type of musical completeness is provided to listeners with From The Birds’ second track, Don’t and Do Blues. While a slower start than the introductory track, the narration that opens up Don’t and Do Blues highlights the harder-grooving track that awaits. The titular track to From The Birds will keep listeners at the edge of their seat – a female vocal strength pushes the act to the next plateau. With the two vocals converging soon after, The Rockdoves are able to enter into later-disc tracks like See the Seasons with a head of momentum. The multiple harmonies present during See the Seasons are a callback to Don’t A Do Blues.

With a number of distinct musical styles and approaches taken over the course of the album, there is a certain freshness that listeners will come to expect whenever they put a Rockdoves CD in. This is punctuated most perfectly during the disc’s final track, These Doves Have Got To Fly. This track has an epic styling encapsulated into two and a half minutes. Pushing through the track insistently, The Rockdoves end These Doves Have Got To Fly in a stellar fashion. While this is music for a younger set, I believe that any fan of music will be able to take something significant from the title. Check it out today!

Top Tracks: So Many Ways To Say Hi, These Doves Have Got To Fly

Rating: 8.9/10

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