Zambri’s Glossolalia EP Streaming Now, Out This Week On Kanine Records

For a first introduction into the world of Cristi Jo & Jessica Zambri, Kanine Records will be releasing Zambri’s debut EP Glossolalia on November 8, 2011.

Zambri mixes experimental beats and dueling female vocals with captivating melodies to create unromantic love songs. Filled with gothic and avant-garde pop vocals, their sound, while reminiscent of a lost Siouxsie and the Banshees or Kate Bush classic, is refreshingly unique.As if remixed by Gang Gang Dance, Zambri lands perfectly amid contemporaries Health, Grimes, Lykke Li, and The Knife.

As sisters, Cristi Jo and Jessica have been creating music together since they were children, always using the Zambri name for several incarnations of recording projects. Glossolalia is the first release they consider all their own, doing things how they want, just the two of them. Most of the sounds on the EP are homemade, many of which are built from vocals, which is perhaps what inspired the title. Glossolalia refers to speaking in tongues; it is a mystical language. They met a like-minded friend in preeminent indie producer Chris Coady, who handpicked Zambri as one of his favorite upcoming New York bands. While Coady scores production credits on “To Keep Back” and “News”, Noel Heroux (Hooray For Earth) lends a hand with mixing “On Call” and “On Call (biddibiddi)”.

To bring Zambri’s radical-pop sound to the stage, the sisters are joined by Will Spitz and Seth Kasper (live drums and keyboard).


Zambri on Glossolalia EP: “Like in classical music, there is something beautiful and emotional about a song going in any direction it pleases. We are careful not to force anything, so there are times it’s natural that we go from A, B, C to D with no concern for code. We approached these recordings in a very intentional yet animalistic way. Glossolalia plays with the idea of the very powerful and sometimes trivial unknown.”

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