American Nudist (DVD)

American Nudist is one of the few films that we have viewed that have provided information about the naturalist subculture in a fair and balanced way. By ensuring that there is more to the story than simple nudism, American Nudist is able to properly keep viewers focused in for the entirety of the flick. The film perfectly blends the mundane and the absurd, moving from a somewhat humdrum existence for main character Taylor to something that seems nearly too hard to believe.
Enter in Jennifer, an address that has Taylor go off of the deep end, and the main story line of American Nudist has started. Most interesting to me is the solid performance turned in by the crew here; while I was not familiar with the work of any associated with American Nudist, I felt a steady, experienced hand’s presence throughout.

Take a few trips through the film; the sub-plot about the blossoming of a couple’s relationship speaks to a wider audience than the outright skin / naturalist plot lines could possibly do. With different ways to experience the film, American Nudist will undoubtedly be considered a cult film in the years and decades to come. I would personally love to see the evolution of director and cast alike; I have a good idea that we will be hearing more from them as the celluloid continues to spin.

Rating: 8.4/10

American Nudist (DVD) / 2011 Cinema Epoch / 90 Minutes /

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