Daniel Higgs releases “The Measure of Mystery” on Gnome Life Records this month

In the latest installment of Gnome Life Records Echomancy cassette series, artist/folk legend Daniel Higgs contributes with a new 45 minutes recording The Measure of Mystery. Recorded (by Fletcher Tucker of Bird By Snow & Yurt) on cassette tape in Big Sur, California in the late night hours when the 29th of October was gradually becoming the 30th (2011). Song flowed forth from Source in a circular redwood room perched just above a waterfall, which itself flows steadily toward its own source (the Pacific Ocean). You may observe the sounds of both ocean and river on these recordings…and a closer listen may also reward you with the sounds of starlight, mycelium growth, molecular revolution, and an untold number of cosmic musics.

This tape is a 45 minute magnetic fossilization of Daniel Higgs’ energy field. It is divided between three tracks of epic proportion: a revelational instrumental banjo improvisation, an entheogenic song performed on banjo and larynx, and an ecstatic mythopoetic recitation. Fans of Daniel’s previous albums are surely aware that an exceptional recording of “Say God” already exists, this new incarnation however is nearly twice as long with over 100 verses! Truly an awesome artifact, offered to you in the hope that it will inspire awe.

This volume of Echomancy is represented by the symbol for the planet Mercury. Gnome Life’s Echomancy series seeks to create divination through music and the presence of old magic spill out of the tapes and onto the beautifully occult packaging – cardboard tape boxes copper-foil embossed with esoteric symbols.

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