Good Morning, Vietnam (Blu-Ray)

Good Morning Vietnam was one of those films that were shown in a severly edited format on Comedy Central throughout my childhood. The film has received a number of releases (VHS, DVD, and now Blu-Ray), but I believe that Touchstone has done a tremendous job in establishing this releases’ value, even for those that already have a prior version of the film. This Robin Williams-led film surrounds Adrian Cronauer and eir desire to make American troop life in Vietnam easier. Cronauer’s role on Armed Forces Radio is one that, while popular to the average soldier, is massively trying to eir superiors. The film soars by its inclusion of catchy period songs and a Williams that seems to be on the top of eir game.

Touchstone has cleaned up the video print of Good Morning, Vietnam considerably. Where all previous versions seemed a little on the grainy side, the conversion to the Blu-Ray format restores the movie to its movie theater glory. There are a number of bonus features that are included here; the original trailer for Good Morning, Vietnam shows exactly what movie execs found to be compelling to 1987 moviegoers. The music of the movie featurette showcases the difficulty of making a time accurate soundtrack, while still providing a message to the songs that are included. Personally, I found myself to be a big fan of the Shooting in Thailand featurette, which provides viewers with a sense of how lush the country truly is.

This 25th Anniversary Edition can be found from various online retailers for about $15. I believe that this release will be a perfect birthday gift for anyone that is a fan of Robin Williams, or of Good Morning, Vietnam specifically.

Rating: 8.6/10

Good Morning, Vietnam (Blu-Ray) / 2012 Touchstone / 121 Minutes /

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