Shark Night (Blu-Ray Combo Set)

The video quality of Shark Night is absolutely stellar, with Fox pushing the Blu-Ray format to its limits. The tension present in the movie is further bolstered by this crispness. A similar tightness and quality is present in the audio track for this release, which picks up every noise, scream, and other utterance. Shark Night, for those that hsave not watched the film, is a Corman-esque film that takes on the standards of the genre – hints and pieces of Jaws and Open Water can be seen in the film’s 91 minute run time. The scenery employed in this film is stellar, and really puts the cap on what is really a popcorn flick. Viewers that wish to be wowed with introspective looks on life will not be fans of this film, but Shark Night is a great title just to curl up on the couch with. The cast is full of up and coming actors, and this may just be a way to see what Hollywood will be like in the next 10 years.

Fox’s coup de grace with the Shark Night Blu-Ray combination pack has to be the features that are bundled within. There is a short (five-minute) compilation of all of the deaths by shark in the film, which will appease fans of gore and violence. For those that do not want to tangle with a shark, Fox has also included bits and pieces of trivia about how to avoid a shark attack and otherwise get away. The behind the scenes look into the filming locations should be viewed alongside the breakdown of the CGI employed here. This is because they work hand in hand to make a realistic and effecting film; the short and sweet nature of these features will only put viewers out of about 10 minutes.

Rating: 7.5/10

Shark Night (Blu-Ray Combo Set) / 2012 Fox / 91 Minutes /

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