The Fat Boy Chronicles (DVD)

It is rare to see a film that actually tries to prevent bad behavior, but The Fat Boy Chronicles tries to show viewers abvout the negative effects of bullying. The film can be viewed as any film, with entertainment in mind; it features the story of Jimmy Winterpock. Jimmy is an overweight child and has to endure tremendous amounts of bullying in eir high school. Rather than acting out in a negative way or giving up on life, Jimmy knows that change is possible. Working eirself to the bone, a change comes over Jimmy. The pounds start rolling off, and eir life ultimately gets better.
While the film can be enjoyed on its own, I find that The Fat Boy Chronicles should be used in classrooms. The film does not contain any coarse language or provide viewers with any bad behaviors, and has a strong anti-bullying message. For those youths that would be in danger of succumbing to overeating or other individual-level problems, I feel that The Fat Boy Chronicles could be transformative.

The beauty of this film is that the potential for change is shown to be inside of the individual. There is no problem, small or large, that cannot be changed. When viewing this film for pure enjoyment, viewers will root heartily for Jimmy. When one watches it for a message, the film provides it with a firm hand; it does not seem too preachy, nor does it seem forced. Make sure to pick up The Fat Boy Chronicles today – you will not be disappointed. It is really a film for young and old alike, and can be picked up in a great many entertainment stores.

Rating: 7.2/10

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