Air – Le Voyage Dans La Lune (CD)

I personally thought the choice to put 20th century tracks in A Knight’s Tale showed the utter excess and lack of tradition that the movie industry had for period pieces. I think that Air’s commission to generate a soundtrack for the recently-restored Le Voyage Dans La Lune represents an entirely different beast. This is because Le Voyage Dans La Lune is a story about a trip to the moon, while Air’s compositions speak greatly to the then science fiction-style of the film.

There is a decidedly current and contemporary flair to the tracks presented on this soundtrack (especially Sonic Armada), but the inclusion of singers like Victoria Legrand on Seven Stars firmly moor the band’s output to earlier musical traditions. What results in the Le Voyage Dans La Lune soundtrack is something that can be enjoyed separately, or implemented alongside a screening of the film Few soundtracks are able to break themselves free of the titles which they were tapped to cover; I believe Air can add this album to their discography and have it considered one of their stronger works.

Make sure to pick up the CD / DVD pack of Le Voyage Dans La Lune, as it gives interested individuals a copy of the original 1902 feature alongside what Nicolas and JB were able to create for this release. I believe that what Air does here could conceivably be adopted by other labels – who would not want to hear what Skrillex does on Full Metal Jacket or the upcoming twenty-fifth anniversary of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Check Air’s tour dates through the rest of the year and see whether you can see them at a festival.

Top Tracks: Astronomic Club, Who Am I Now?

Rating: 8.1/10

Air – Le Voyage Dans La Lune (CD) / 2012 Astralwerks /

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