Francesco Rosi’s The Moment of Truth (DVD)

I must admit that before receiving The Moment of Truth (Il momento della verita), I was not too familiar with the works of Francesco Rosi (Hands Over the City, Christ Stopped at Eboli). The Moment of Truth is Rosi’s 1965 film, and it focuses on the trials and tribulations of an up and coming bullfighters. This is a story of an underdog that ultimate receives fame and riches, all while losing the passion that made eir such a talent in the first place. The amount of self-doubt and confusion felt by Miguel taints eir performance and could lead to some considerable consequences. The ultimate fin to Miguel’s story is something that will stick with viewers long after they have finished the movie.

The bonus feature is an interview with Rosi eirself that showcases perfectly how the film should be viewed, and where exactly this title fits into the broader annals of Rosi’s work. I would personally recommend viewing the film before listening to the interview, and following up with a second viewing. This is because what one will see in this initial viewing differs considerably about the different facets that Rosi focuses on; what resulted for me is something akin to seeing two different takes on the same subject material.

Congratulations have to go to Criterion for releasing this title to a wider audience, and for cleaning up this original print to something that is beyond stunning. The action, the dialogue, the beauty of the cast – all unite to create in The Moment of Truth a film that stands the test of time. Pick it up on Blu-Ray or on DVD today.

Rating: 9.1/10

Francesco Rosi’s The Moment of Truth (DVD) / 2012 Criterion / 107 Minutes /

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