I Melt With You (Blu-Ray) Review

I Melt With You is an interesting take on the party film. While a number of these titles would just focus on the debauchery present between the main characters, I Melt With You showcases the cathartic side of these type of social meetings. Jeremy Piven, Christian McKay, and Thomas Jane unite in what seems like a normal group tying one on. By the end of the weekend, they are able to figure out where their lives have went wrong. As the inhibitions melt away, the group of friends are able to provide emotional support and receive the breakthrough that they need to move on with their life. Energixzed from this get-together, one wonders exactly how the trio will be able to change their life based on what they discussed previously.

The sheer amount of featurettes that Magnolia has included on the I Melt With You release is stellar. There are two distinct commentaries that are able to provide a very different context for the events presented in the film. I feel that the director / Piven / Lowe documentary is more standalone and is slightly more humorous. What the directors and the promoting company attempted to sell in I Melt With You is presented through the inclusion of three different trailers. However, for the greatest expansion of the film, watch the deleted scenes gallery. Placed alongside the feature, they provide an easier way to understand the motivations and desires of each of the main characters.

Before watching the feature film, give the “A Look At” feature a spin. This feature, released by HDNet, provides a burst of momentum that will have viewers eagerly anticipating the opening minutes.

Rating: 8.6/10

I Melt With You (Blu-Ray) / 2012 Magnolia Home Entertainment / 122 Minutes / http://www.magpictures.com

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