Lamb of God – Resolution (CD)

We have reviewed a number of Lamb of God albums on NeuFutur. In the same vein, we have given extensive coverage to the various types of metal. The one thing that we have noticed over the last 13 years of covering these acts is that metal seems particularly prone for bands to come forth with an unique sound and then run it into the ground.

Lamb of God is one of those rare exceptions. Resolution is their latest album, and it provides listeners with an entirely new side of the band. The intensity brought to the table by the band has not changed, but there seems to be a gradual widening of the sound that is Lamb of God. Whether it is more blues-infused breakdowns or hardcore punk pit moments, Resolution has it all. Straight for the Sun dispenses with the formalities and immediately involves listeners, while Desolation shows the variation between emotion and utter barrenness. The vocals and instrumentation swirl around, providing listeners with a substantially different sound each time out. To The End has a beat that will tattoo itself upon listeners hearts, all while the lyrical content will require a number of listens to truly get. King Me is the ultimate kiss off track for an album, with a triumphant Lamb of God pounding guitars, drums, vocals, and bass even until the finishing few seconds.

Check out Lamb of God when they come to your city – the only thing that comes forth as more impressive than what is captured on Resolution has to be the effort that they put into a live show. 2012 looks to be a great year for Lamb of God.

Top Tracks: Straight For The Sun, Terminally Unique

Rating: 9.0/10

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