There Be Dragons (Blu-Ray)

This film is fantastic, and showcases the fact that period historical pieces can still work. It is the attention to detail that makes this film soar, as one will be transported back to the Spanish Civil War period. While individuals that have taken American history courses will have little information about this event, I believe that Roland Joffe’s (The Mission) skill ensures that a back story is provided. I liked the parallel stories that are told during There Be Dragons. While the war is going on and is the key focus for many of the actors in the film, the story told through Josemaria’s struggle with faith showcases a duality of Spanish life of this time. As the film spins ever closer to its conclusion, the different struggles and stories are united. What is a set of stories for the different actors turns into a unified plot, one in which viewers will be absolutely enthralled.

The Blu-Ray release of There Be Dragons has a few extras provided. This means that there are considerable deleted scenes, which establish an extended context to enjoy the film. I feel that the Facing Your Dragons featurette, headed up by Wes Bentley, is integral for full enjoyment of the film. It is a perfect way to get into the actor’s head, and it showcases the sheer amount of work ey has done in preparing for roles such as the one ey plays in There Be Dragons.

Make sure to pick up There Be Dragons from your local video store or online retailer. The film is one of the best that we have received so far in 2012. Give it a spin whenever you can.

Rating: 8.1/10

There Be Dragons (Blu-Ray) / 2012 Fox / 122 Minutes /

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