Voodoo Terror Tribe – Stands To Reason (CD)

New Jersey’s Voodoo Terror Tribe have just released a brand new EP entitled ‘Stands To Reason’. Band members are Gil Pz(Vocals) Emir Erkal (Guitars) Primer (bass) and Tbone (drums) This is the follow up to their latest full length release ‘Symptoms Of Sin’. With the new release the band has made something different from their normal sound something that their Diehard fans may not like. But I think this has made them more appealing to a bigger audience. The bands new approach has a strong Industrial sound mixed with synth. In the past they have toured with some of the best bands around W.A.S.P. LA Guns, and KITTIE to name a few.

Five tracks make up “Stands to Reason” all are top notch my personal favorite is a cover of Journey’s “Separate ways” The first track “Masquerade” reminds me of Mushroomhead to a certain degree. While track two “Stands to reason” Has a Marilyn Manson vibe to it.

This is a band that deserves to be signed to a good record label. They have plenty of talent and a good sound I could see a bright future for them!

When asked about “Stands to Reason” the band responded by saying “We poured everything that we had and everything that we have become into our new sound and songs,” drummer T-Bone continues. “It was meticulous, grueling, stressful and insightful, but we found a new sound. It’s been quite a long road, and now we wanna prove to the fans that it’s all been worth it.



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