Act Thirt33n – Salute and Smile EP (CD)

Shine is an immediate introduction to the band, and it will be what keeps one listening in. This is due to the fact that the band is able to fully insert themselves into this track. This emotive rock contains high energy and smart musicianship. While the genre seemed to be on its last legs a few years back, Act Thirt33n may single-handedly promote its revival. One need only listen to Shine once or twice before being able to sing along, while Sic ‘Em Boys is a track that showcases the diversity of influences and styles that fuel the band’s unique sound.

Sic ‘Em Boys has a harder edge than Shine, and the guitars are provided ample opportunity to Shine. The vocals and drums are pushed to their logical extremes; the band has listeners by their throats. December Thieves is a much softer effort than anything opn Salute and Smile, and I believe that the track’s inclusion is smart. The different harmonies achieved by the band couple with introspective arrangements. This allows the band to build things up gradually until the track’s climax – the band flies high into the disc’s last track, an acoustic version of Last Breath. The earthy and close sound of this finale puts the perfect punctuation onto Salute and Smile; I want to hear what the band can do when given an LP’s run time with which to play.
Make it a point to see Act Thirt33n whenever they play at a venue near you; I have no doubt in my mind that the band’s energy and allure will increase substantially in this setting. Act Thirt33n is the best thing that we’ve reviewed in 2012; here’s to hoping that they can close the year in the same way.

Top Tracks: December Thieves, Last Breath (Acoustic)

Rating: 8.4/10

Act Thirt33n – Salute and Smile EP (CD) / 2012 Self / 5 Tracks /

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