Big Time (DVD)

Pathfinder Pictures is 0one of our favorite movie companies. They provide easy access to a number of Oscar-worthy films that would not normally see a United States release. By continually coming world cinema for gems, they have been able to create a tremendous release schedule. 2005’s Big Time is a perfect example of this commitment to excellence. Pathfinder’s print of this film is fantastic, suffering neither from any limitations of the DVD format nor any issues with the audio track. What results is as close to a cinema experience as one’s home entertainment setup will allow.

Nor Domingo (as Jonas) and Winston Elizalde (Danny) start the film off as small-time crooks. Unhappy with the small payout that they have recently been receiving, they aspire to make a few big scores and actually be able to retire from their vocation.

Big Time’s plot ties together the fate of a number of players. The focal point of their big time crime, an actress, inexorably links them to the kin of a mob family. With each side – the crooks, the actor, and the charge – attempting to be taken more seriously, the passion and energy is further ratcheted up. The film does a tremendous job in leaving viewers wondering who will ultimately reach their goals.
Big Time is a film that fans of crime, thrillers, and of movies generally can appreciate. I believe that the success of Pathfinder’s release of Big Time will ultimately be what director Michael de Mesa (Valiente, Lupin, Sana Maulit Muli) needs to get eir name out to a wider audience. Pathfinder has a number of other titles releasing this year; check their website or listings on online retailers for a look into what they have on the docket this year.

Rating: 8.7/10

Big Time (DVD) / 2012 Pathfinder / 105 Minutes /

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