Blues Traveler – 25 (2 CD Set)

Blues Traveler has been around for 25 years. This is a surprising statement, as the band was at the top of the charts for only a few brief years in the 1990s. Blues Traveler’s 25 retrospective provides listeners with an exhaustive hit parade, along with a bonus track (the Gunslinger remix of Run-around). This set is value priced, meaning that a purchase from an online retailer will only set one back about $15.

This 2 CD set compiles all of the band’s biggest hits (Run-Around, Hook, But Anyway, Carolina Blues), coupling them with live standards like After What, Gina and NY Prophesie. For those individuals that have listened to Blues Traveler tracks on Youtube, terrestrial radio or on old cassettes, the transfer over to mastered CD will be astonishing. Where the first disc is a greatest hits of the bands time together, the second album contains a number of rarities. This makes the album germane to fans that already have all of Blues Traveler’s works, and provides a different facet to the band. Our favorites on this second disc include Didn’t Mean To Wake Up and Traveler’s Suite, which are just as introspective and as philosophical as their biggest hits were radio-friendly.

If you would like to teach someone about the catchy style and unforgettable tracks of Blues Traveler, I cannot think of a better way than by purchasing this compilation. Pick this up for friends and family; I know that I am a bigger fan of the band because of this.

Top Tracks: The Mountains Win Again, Girl Inside My Head, What’s For Breakfast

Rating: 8.3/10

Blues Traveler – 25 (2 CD Set) / 2012 Hip-O Select /

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