Camel Spiders (DVD)

Out of all phobias, I believe that the one concerning spiders is simultaneously the most popular and the most justified. I believe that the fear of spiders was first boosted by the release of 1990’s Arachnophobia, and will be further bolstered with the release of Camel Spiders. Roger Corman is the producer here, and a quick viewing shows that the film draws a great deal of inspiration from Corman’s library of films.

The spiders are absolutely blood-thirsty, and while the storyline may be fantastical, the simple fact is that spiders can cause nearly as much harm as they do in this film. What originally was a problem in the Middle East is brought to Arizona, where the titular species wreaks havoc. C. Thomas Howell does a tremendous job as the sheriff, while a cast of up and coming actors (Melissa Brasselle, Jon Mack, Hugh Mun) attempt to make hay for themselves in this feature. Brian Krause (Charmed) is Captain Sturges, the only individual that can bring a stop to this terror.

The cinematography of this film is stellar. The desert backdrop that comprises many of the movie’s shots allows for the spiders to jump out of the screen, while an alien feel is given to the release for anyone that has not been to either Iraq/Afghanistan or the Southwest. This is horror that has a touch of reality to it, and I believe that this is the reason why Camel Spiders is such a fun movie. One will have to suspend their disbelief, but I cannot think of a better time than curling up on the couch and seeing the absurd amounts of carnage that is present when the camel spiders begin to take over the United States.

Rating: 8.7/10

Camel Spiders (DVD) / 2012 Anchor Bay / 84 Minutes /

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