Superjail Season 2 (DVD)

The first season of Superjail may just be the best that Adult Swim has ever played. The trippy visuals, utterly bizarre stories, and insanely catchy theme music unite to create an experience that is unforgettable. After a few years, the second season of Superjail finally aired. I believe that the themes and overall feeling generated by this first season is ratcheted up further with the second.

The time dilation that one will experience when they watch Superjail is interesting. While each episode only runs a total of eleven minutes, viewers will be so engrossed that they could swear that each episode ran for considerably longer. The show adds an ancillary character – Lord Stingray – that bolsters the show considerably. Lord Stingray Crash Party represents a considerable challenge to The Warden in eir first appearance; when ey is quashed, one can see the baddie in amongst the rest of the oi polloi in the eponymous complex.

The replay value of each episode is considerably higher than any other show, because of the sheer amount of work that has been put into the show. The introduction varies between episodes, and one has to have an eagle eye to spot everything that has been thrown in. The best thing that I can compare the art style of Superjail to would have to be MAD magazine – take a look at the old fold-in pages and tell me with a straight face that Superjail has not been influenced by that style. There will be a third season of the show, so keep looking at the Adult Swim bumps for more information. There is some overarching storyline to be had, but fans that missed the first season will not have their experience suffer if they jump into the second.

Rating: 9.5/10

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