The New Adventures of Old Christine: The Complete Fifth Season (DVD Set)

Few shows are able to make it to the five season mark without losing a substantial amount of steam. The New Adventures of Old Christine was able to keep the same frenetic energy that was a hallmark of the show’s earlier seasons, while still presenting enough twists and turns to keep viewers tuned in. The Warner Archive’s version of these 21 episodes are at least as crisp in terms of visuals and audio as they were during their original broadcast run. I would venture that they may be stronger, but do not have a side by side comparison to make that claim. The guest stars this season – Dave Foley as Tom and Blair Underwood as Daniel – keep things lively.

The show’s final episode, Get Smarter, does a tremendous job in closing up the loose ends that had existed throughout the show. The episode did leave the storyline open for continuation, but what results in its conclusion is utterly satisfying when one views it as the final effort.

The only problem that I see with this season five release is that is has not (yet) been released on Blu-Ray. Here’s to hoping that the sales are strong enough for this DVD set to necessitate a secondary effort on the Blu-Ray format. The fifth season was bittersweet because it concluded the show, but the amount of work and the quality of the show never dipped. It is one of the few comedies that I have seen that can lay claim to this honor. If you were a fan of The New Adventures of Old Christine or of Julia Louis-Dreyfus generally, make sure to pick this DVD set up from an online retailer today.

Rating: 7.6/10

The New Adventures of Old Christine: The Complete Fifth Season (DVD Set) / 2012 Warner Bros / 441 Minutes /

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