Tim Fite – Ain’t Ain’t Ain’t (CD)


Tim Fite is one of those few artists that do not take well to a genre convention. Sure, Fite can be categorized as a singer-songwriters, but there is a level of density and gravitas to the tracks on Ain’t Ain’t Ain’t that belies that tie. When given an indie rock mantle, tracks like My Brother Sings showcases a certain glibness that is unparalleled. Listeners are then provided with an incomparable experience on Ain’t Ain’t Ain’t, one in which Fite will throw eirself into each track and impress as a result. I like that there is little tying these tracks together besides Fite’s talent and story-telling ability. There is a spontaneity to a Bully that make this a track of the moment – I do not think Fite could create the track again if ey tried. Joyriding is a track that is limited temporally to a specific part of Fite’s life, and will resonate with anyone that can identify.

Ain’t Ain’t Ain’t is a great album, and this is for a number of reasons. Aside from the aforementioned traipsing across genre boundaries, Fite’s arrangements will indelibly tattoo themselves on the minds and hearts of listeners. The final (and titular track) provides considerable evidence for this. A simple repetition is all Fite needs to ride into the sunset – listeners will be eagerly checking out eir Facebook (and the ANTI site) for any hide or hair of new recordings or live dates. I must admit that I was not familiar with Fite before picking up Ain’t Ain’t Ain’t (eir third recording on ANTI Records); I will be looking up the rest of eir discography when I get paid. You should as well.

Top Tracks: Hold Me All Night, Talking To The Air

Rating: 8.0/10


Tim Fite – Ain’t Ain’t Ain’t (CD) / 2012 ANTI Records / 13 Tracks / http://www.facebook.com/timfitemusic / http://www.anti.com

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