UNTLD The Exhibit Marc Ecko for men (Cologne)


UNTLD The Exhibit is the new cologne by Marc Ecko, and it shows a robustness that is unmatched in the cologne world. This is because it blends together fruit notes including apples and melons with a hint of musk, presenting an earthy and orange-based feel. There is a sense that UNTLD The Exhibit is looking to provide a varied approach, and does this perfectly.

The bottle design will immediately catch the eye – it is designed by the Spanish artist Pez – and represents many of the distinct and unique sides to the cologne. Taken together, the package of holder and bottle evoke a more refined street culture, drawing inspiration from the hoods of New York City just as much as Paris and Milan. I believe that UNTLD The Exhibit is a cologne that can extend through different eras and lifestyles; there is a timelessness present here just as much as its revolutionary spirit struggles to express itself. UNTLD The Exhibit is an unqualified hit, something that is utterly distinctive while working in the current paradigm. Marc Ecko has created this as a sequel to last year’s release, but I feel that this is a considerably different (and arguably better) product.

There are a number of size offerings by Marc Ecko. While we reviewed the 100mL size in this article, the company is also offering a 50 ml size. Make sure to pick up a bottle of this fragrance as a birthday or holiday gift, or as for a present to yourself. The unique flavor profile that is here separates UNTLD The Exhibit from the other offerings that are on the cologne shelf.

Rating: 8.2/10


UNTLD The Exhibit Marc Ecko for men (Cologne) / Marc Ecko / 3.4 fl Oz

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