Vacationer – Gone (CD)

There is considerable expansion on Gone of the indie rock genre. I feel that Everyone Knows acts as the blueprint for everything that is to follow. This track immediately captures listeners and keeps their attention, so that the band can build off of the different styles, influences, and approaches that were initially presented with this introductory track. Good as New is the disc’s second cut, and provides listeners with a little bit of a sunny demeanor. This represents a second thread that the band comes back to on Gone; the band tries to recreate a sunny summer day, as listeners would lay back on some grass and kick off their sandals.

However, I feel that listeners may miss out on the density of tracks like Great Love. The band is tremendously proficient in terms of their instrumentation, and showcase this with arrangements that bubble over with catchy hooks and an overall dreamy feeling. Vacationer is able to build off of the momentum created at the beginning of the album with solid middle and late-album tracks like Dreamlike and Farther. Be With You is the final track on the album, and stands in an interesting position. It emphatically ends the disc, but it provides listeners with some semblance of where the band will go in the months and years to come.

Make it a point to pick up a copy of Gone from your local independent music store, and see whenever they touch down in a city around you – their catchy, ethereal rock is something that all should check out.

Top Tracks: Everyone Knows, Good as New

Rating: 8.1/10

Vacationer – Gone (CD) / 2012 Downtown / 12 Tracks /

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