Walking Sideways – S/T EP (CD)

Innocent Mistake is a bold track that blends together guitars, drums, and an utterly compelling set of vocals. Each element of Walking Sideways contributes to the overall feel of the track. Ready for mainstream rock radio, the band just feels more honest than other acts currently making music. Rather than allowing their producer to push everything into the red line, the dynamic modeling of the track allows for Walking Sideways to create a sound that is wholly unique.

Walking Sideways breaks genre conventions with their Magellan. The band’s scintillating output is bolstered by the extended length of the track. Where most bands would fall into repetition by the five minute mark, Walking Sideways keeps things fresh. As a result, the band keeps listeners firmly focused on the EP and generates considerable momentum. Magellan will be important for the future of music, in that the band (and in particular, the drummer) shatters what is acceptable in regards to time signatures and the role that percussion can play in rock music.

Haven provides fans with a decidedly different side to Walking Sideways. The slower tempo of Haven allows for the band’s arrangements to be highlighted. While the vocals do occupy a focal point to this track, they add considerably to the overall harmonies achieved by the track. Walking Mistake creates an EP that feels like a full-length release. I believe that the band will be similarly strong whenever they can cut a new release, and will also be able to bring the same allure and compelling style to whichever venue that they find themselves. Check out Walking Sideways at their Facebook or domain; they are a tremendous rock band.

Top Tracks: Magellan, Innocent Mistake

Rating: 9.0/10

Walking Sideways – S/T EP (CD) / 2012 Self / 3 Tracks / http://www.walkingsidewaysband.com/ / http://www.facebook.com/walkingsidewaysband

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