Weeds – Season Seven (DVD)

Weeds – the Showtime comic/drama about a widowed suburban mom who turns to drug dealing to make money – has always been a victim of its own success.

The first couple of seasons were remarkably fresh, with quirky supporting characters and even quirkier plot points then it ran into a wall trying to one-up the original premise. Drug dealing led to smuggling and then marrying a corrupt Mexican mayor/cartel leader, murder and life as a fugitive. By season seven, the creators had to reboot and the series starts off with Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) being released from prison in New York and her sons and brother-in-law setting up a new life with her in the city.

Season seven begins slowly, but quickly regains that excitement that surrounded the show in the first few seasons and culminates in one of their best cliff hangers so far.
Weeds – Season Seven/3 DVDs/353 mins./Lionsgate/2012

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