A Mother’s Love (DVD)

This drama will play on viewers’ heartstrings. It is not just the roles turned in by Vanessa Williams, Rolanda Watts, or Amenha Dymally, but rather the sheer applicability of the events in the film to viewers’ lives. I believe that anyone that has been hurt in their life will be able to identify with Regina (Watts). Regina has to deal with a drug-addled daughter (Monica, played by Salina Duplessis), a separation from the man that ey loved, and is only able to stay sane with the help of eir mother.

It is only through faith in others that Regina is able to succeed. As the film spins on, the different individuals in Regina’s life all look to assist eir. Monica is able to get eir demons in check, while the resulting boost in Regina’s morale is the only thing to keep eir sane after a major life event occurs. I personally like the roles turned in by the cast; I feel that there is some relation had between all of these individuals, rather than having one (or more) of the cast simply phone their role in. This desire to create a compelling film is precisely why A Mother’s Love is such an impressive film.

Magnolia has transferred this film brilliantly onto the DVD format. There are no visual or audio artifacts; everything is as sharp as it would be in a movie theater. A Mother’s Love is a touching and sad film, but is something that will showcase the beauty of humanity and our innate ability to weather major blows. This film is Dove-approved, so make sure to pick it up if you would like to have a family night.

Rating: 8.3/10

A Mother’s Love (DVD) / 2012 Magnolia Home Entertainment / 104 Minutes / http://www.magpictures.com

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