Ben 10: Ultimate Alien – Ultimate Ending (DVD)


This is it. This is the release of the final few episodes of the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien show. Cartoon Network / Warner Brothers have included these episodes in a value-priced format (one can purchase it from online retailers for $20). This set contains the final 10 episodes, wrapping up nicely the loose ends that were present in the previous forty episodes of the show.

With enemies seemingly ready to waste Ben at every corner, one has to wonder whether ey will be able to fight at anything resembling eir full power against Vilgax’s final form. I believe that Warner Brothers should release an additional title in the Ben 10 line just to capture the extras that undoubtedly exist – what about the different storyboards, alternative takes, or additional footage that did not make it into Ben 10: Ultimate Alien? Regardless, fans of Ben 10 will love the episodes that are presented here. This is the perfect DVD for anyone that likes the show; make sure to buy it for them for a good report card, a birthday, or any holidays that may be coming up.

Rating: 8.7/10

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien – Ultimate Ending (DVD) / 2012 Cartoon Network / 230 Minutes

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