Debauchery (DVD)


This film is part of the Nikkatsu collection; Nikkatsu’s films were picked up for US distribution by Impulse back in 2010. Ryoto Watanabe’s turn as Ami showcases a desire for Japanese softcore to have more of a story than comparable American releases; Ami is a woman that is not satisfied with her life. Wanting to make a change, Ami is able to find contacts in the Madame Machiko Society Club. This club pushes the limits of what was socially acceptable in Japan, with use of bondage, whips, chains, and the like.

Taking on a variety of different clients throughout Japan, Ami is able to get the satisfaction with her life that was missing in her humdrum existence. However, rather than falling headlong into this depraved reality, Ami’s upbringing and desire to be a “good” person weighs heavily on her conscience. The focal point of Debauchery is this dichotomy. Viewers that have not been in the situation that Ami finds herself in will still be able to understand this tension; I believe that this plot speaks to a wide swath of society, even if what is contained here is a little too blue.

I believe that the video transfer of Debauchery is incredibly strong provided the film’s overall age and its placement onto the DVD format. Strong sales of these early Nikkatsu releases will ensure that Impulse / Synapse will be able to release more films in this vein; make sure that you push up the Amazon rankings with your purchase. True Story Of A Woman in Jail: Sex Hell, the title that was released alongside Debauchery, represents a similar unity of spirit. Pick up both today.

Rating: 8.2/10

Debauchery (DVD) / 2012 Impulse / 70 Minutes /



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