Good Old War – Come Back as Rain (CD)

Good Old War has continually innovated and evolved their sound since their 2008 debut, Only Way To Be Alone. Come Back as Rain is their third full-length, and showcases an act that is incredibly comfortable in their overall dynamic as a band. The album starts off with Over and Over, a track that builds off of the repletion alluded to by the title and subtly shifts the arrangement, until what listeners are listening to is considerably different than what they began with.

It is this scintillating and shifting nature that marks the compositions on Come Back as Rain and provides fans with something substantive with which to sink their teeth. Amazing Eyes sends listeners on an instrument-heavy journey; with vocals piercing through this weave, what results is something utterly magical.

Not Quite Happiness is a track that sails between the wide array of different musical styles touched upon on Come Back as Rain; I feel that this mid-album title collects what the band has done here and distills it into a 3 minute slice of divinity. As the disc continues to spin towards in exorable end, Good Old War strike paydirt with After The Party and Present For The End of the World. With nary a misstep or weak effort to be had on Come Back as Rain, Good Old War may hve their best album yet. Make sure to hit up your local independent record store for a copy of this title, and see Good Old War whenever they set out on tour. Come Back as Rain is one of the few shining sports we’ve seen in 2012.

Top Tracks: It Hurts Every Time, Present For The End of the World

Rating: 8.4/10

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