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Lissy Trullie is an individual that we have not had the chance to review in the past. We received a copy of eir latest, a 2012-released (and self-titled) LP. I believe that what ey does on this title is imbue a number of distinct music genres with eir unique style. Rules We Obey is a strong track and provides listeners with some semblance of who Trullie is and what has inspired eir. I believe that the track introduces listeners slowly to Trullie, allowing eir to break free from eir shell with the disc’s second track, Wearing Blue. Wearing Blue is much more in your face and bare; this intense bit of music touches upon the oughts while spinning these styles into a bold new format. Glass Mountains, despite its late position on this album, is similarly impressive.

On Glass Mountains, Trullie is able to capture listeners – there is a certain flair to eir vocals that will remain in listeners’ minds long after the album finishes up. This works nicely with the disc’s final cut, You Bleed You. On this track, Trullie’s vocals and the instrumentation push each other to ever-greater heights. I believe that Trullie has a tremendous amount of potential; check eir out whenever you get a free moment.

I would like to hear what Trullie has in store for subsequent recordings. Wheile the disc has a number of solid efforts on it, I would like to see if the evolution of Trullie will allow eir to create a more comprehensive and coherent follow-up. Make sure to see Trullie live whenever ey hits the road, and check out eir website and Facebook for more up to date information about the performer.

Top Tracks: It’s Only You, Isn’t It, Rules We Obey, I Know Where You Sleep

Rating: 8.0/10

Lissy Trullie – S/T (CD) / 2012 Downtown /

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