Madonna: Truth or Dare (Blu-Ray)

Madonna: Truth or Dare was one of the defining moments in Madonna’s career. Where ey was flagging after a successful 80s, this 1991 title re-sexualized the performer and sent eir off into a career path that is still paying considerable dividends. Previous releases of Madonna: Truth or Dare have been done competently, but I feel that the Blu-Ray format more accurately captures the desire of director and pop diva alike.

This film captures Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour, and was one of the first views that an individual had into the private life of this starlet. Madonna is painted as a mother, a performer, and as ultimately human; despite being at the top of the charts for longer than many viewers have been alive, ey has never lost that spark that makes eir so compelling. There is a confidence that is exuded by Madonna throughout the entirety of Truth or Dare; while the tracks that ey sing are about love, heartache, and one’s self, I believe that the business side of Madonna is bolstered the best through this title. While the fashion may be a little on the dated side, anyone interested in what fueled haute couture twenty years ago would do well to purchase a copy of Truth or Dare.

Fans of Madonna will be pleased to know that this Blu-Ray release contains a trailer as an additional bonus. While the only way to watch this release previously was to catch it on Palladia or purchase an over-priced VHS (who has a VCR anymore?), this Blu-Ray release is widely distributed and can be bought for a song (online retailers are pricing this at the $7-10 price range). Check out Lionsgate’s mass of 2012 releases on their site.

Rating: 8.4/10

Madonna: Truth or Dare (Blu-Ray) / 2012 Miramax Lionsgate / 120 Minutes /

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