Marriage Chronicles (DVD)

Marriage Chronicles is a film that focuses on three couples that look to improve their relationships with loved ones. Along the way, a crazy instructor allows each to find out something about themselves and their better halves. Where it seems that many films cast individuals into roles without seeing how they work with their film spouse, I feel that each of the couples seem realistic. While Vivica A. Fox and Clifton Powell represent the film’s biggest stars, I feel that each major part of the film has an incredibly capable actor behind the role.

Marriage Chronicles successed based on the realism present in the interactions between the couples. As good as each couple outwardly seems, there always seems to be ways in which they can better their union. While being outright and honest with one’s wife or spouse may be a hard thing to do at points, Marriage Chronicles showcases that only good can come of it. While most romantic comedies do not provide a moral or message to their viewers, I feel that Marriage Chronicles can be used to make a relationship better,
Entertainment One’s DVD release of Marriage Chronicles benefits from a solid transfer and a similarly strong audio track. While the movie’s final act is a little hard to swallow, this does not preclude it from being a perfect date night type of film. Make sure to pick up a copy of Marriage Chronicles at your local brick and mortar store, movie-rental joint, or from a number of online retailers.

Rating: 7.6/10

Marriage Chronicles (DVD) / 2012 Entertainment One / 90 Minutes /

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