Miracle of Marcelino (Blu-Ray)

Miracle of Marcelino (Blu-Ray) / 2012 VCI Entertainment / http://www.vcientertainment.com

This is the restored 1955 version of Marcelino pan y vino. The video quality of this restored title is simply fantastic, allowing for individuals to be immersed in the film’s storyline in a way previously impossible unless you had watched a theatrical screening of the title. VCI has restored all aspects of Miracle of Marcelino, ensuring that the sharp picture that viewers will see is attached with a similarly strong audio track. The price point of this Blu-Ray release is considerably lower than other efforts that are on the market, turning this into a must-have film for any fan of Ladislao Vajda’s overall body of work.

This film surrounds the faith of a young child. Left to fend for eirself on the entrance of a monastery, Marcelino is raised to eir prepubescent state by a religious order. Christian values are imprinted on eir, and viewers will be touched when Marcelino makes a mistake and lets a number of animals free. The mayor of the city makes a big to-do of this event and threatens to close down the monastery. With a proper amount of prayer and faith in Jesus, Marcelino is able to have the titular miracle. The devotion that Marcelino has transfers into something that cannot be explained; being properly instilled with the love of Jesus, Marcelino is able to move to the next world. This film is interesting as it is a 1950s tale that takes place in the previous century.

Viewers will find much to appreciate during the Miracle of Marcelino; while I was unfamiliar with the film when I first put it in the player, I find that it is a tremendous tale of faith and belief. This would be a perfect showing in any sort of youth group or church service, while it also represents a strong piece that was missing in the Vajda filmography.

Rating: 8.3/10

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