Pat Mastelotto – Recidivate (CD)


Pat Mastelotto may just be the most well-known musician that you’ve never heard. Recidivate, eir latest work, looks to change that. With each of the releases’ 42 tracks, Mastelotto shows that ey has a lot to say I the current period. Whether working with members of King Crimson (of which ey is a part), Porcupine Tree, or breaking out some crazy rare tracks, Mastelotto tries to imbue Recidivate with every facet of eirself as a performer.

I like the collaborative nature of Recidivate. With each track featuring an additional musician, Mastelotto’s overall sound is changed and otherwise represents an additional way in which ey can be spun. Despite the larger than normal amount of tracks on Recidivate, the quality of this release is considerable. Even when the track is relegated to what many listeners is a no-man’s land, they will impress. Of particular note during the first disc has to be Pole (featuring Tuner). This longer track gives Mastelotto ample room to stretch eir wings; this composition soars on the basis of strong arrangements and a haunting sound, which will present itself long after the album closes up shop.

This is a must have, no matter whether one is a fan of King Crimson or of the world music / dance music that marked eir later career as a musician. Kudos to 7D Media for pricing this disc at an approachable price ($23, at many online retailers) and making it widely available. Buy a copy of Recidivate today, and hear how different Mastelotto’s musical approach can be. Ey continually innovates, a more impressive feat considering many artists glide gently into retirement.

Top Tracks: Makes No Sense At All, Annunciation of an Angel

Rating: 8.8/10

Pat Mastelotto – Recidivate (CD) / 2012 7D Media / 42 Tracks /

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