Robert Nix – Walk Down The Street (CD)

Robert Nix cannot be pigeonholed; his work on Walk Down The Street simply defies genre convention.
This is the reason that this release is so compelling. The album begins with the titular track, a ball of
frenetic energy that firmly plants listeners in their seats. The momentum garnered by this opening is
used to great effect in Should You Should I. This early-disc masterpiece pushes Nix’s vocals to the fore;
while the instruments are in the background, they are absolutely vital to the aforementioned success of
the vocals. I believe that pop music has grown incredibly stale, but that Robert Nix’s work on Walk Down
The Street envisions a new path for the genre. Working on single, thematic, and full-album tacks, Nix ensures that this disc has legs. With each subsequent listen, fans will hear a number of arrangements, sounds, and contexts that were previously inaccessible. With these diverse, dense, and detailed tracks, I believe that fans will keep Walk Down The Street in their CD players for a considerable time. The disc does not falter; I feel that Nix flips the traditional school of thought on its head by having later tracks exceed the earlier efforts in quality.

Make sure to pick up a copy of Walk Down The Street whenever you can. I feel that no matter where one comes from or what styles of music that they like, they will find something impressive on this album. Here’s to hoping that Nix is able to receive the success that he deserves; there is an earnest and honest sound that is simply incomparable. Check Nix out live whenever he comes to a city around you.

Top Tracks: Should You Should I, There’s No Road With An Ending

Rating: 8.6/10

Robert Nix – Walk Down The Street (CD) / 2012 Self / 10 Tracks /

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