The Chorderoys – No Man’s Land EP (CD)

The Chorderoys create an EP that speaks more to listeners than many bands do on a full-length album. The Train is the initial salvo on No Man’s Land, and it will immediately snare fans through a blending of intelligent arrangements and utterly soulful singing. The confidence exuded by the band will endear The Chorderoys to their listeners. Keeping things strong, the band is able to move to The Train. The Train strikes out in a decidedly different way than Docile Girl. This ballad forces listeners to focus on the band’s narrative abilities; hints of Every Rose Has Its Thorn or 18 ‘N’ Life can be heard. I feel that The Chorderoys transcend genre and era constraints; fans of a wide subset of styles and approaches can find something substantive with which to sink their teeth.

No Prayin Man is perhaps the most affecting track on this EP; the production of the track makes it seem as if the vocals are directed straight to the listener. Taken together, the instrumentation and vocals make for a track that sticks with listeners long after it ends; The Chorderoys have another hit on their hands with this one. Few bands can make the EP style work for them; I feel that The Chorderoys are able to establish themselves fully in just the space of four tracks.

Make sure to pick up a copy of the No Man’s Land EP and compare it to their self-titled debut; I believe that the band has even been able to improve upon this previous release. I want them to come around my neck of the woods; I feel that the band would be able to achieve even more in a live setting.

Top Tracks: The Train, No Prayin Man

Rating: 8.2/10

The Chorderoys – No Man’s Land EP (CD) / 2012 Self / 4 Tracks / /

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