The Lovers Guide in 3D: Igniting Desire (DVD)

The Lovers Guide was one of the most important videos created to establish how to properly make love to your wife or spouse. Twenty years in, the guide has been updated (and provided a 3D finish). The two original creators (William Campbell and Robert Page) have been involved in making this dream a reality. Alive Mind has released this title, and has ensured that the title was created with the highest quality. The 3D aspect of The Lovers Guide allows for a greater field of depth, ensuring that viewers will be more easily able to get into the action.

There is not a better video for a couple than The Lovers Guide. While dealing with mature subjects, the film is done in an incredibly tasteful way. I would like to see how the duo could expand on the general concepts that are presented here. I believe that, given the proper time, that even advanced topics could be covered in the same tasteful and classy way. Make sure to order this DVD from Alive Mind or one of the many online retailers that carry The Lovers Guide in 3D. As always, give the Alive Mind Cinema site a spin if you would like to see the slate of films that they will be releasing this summer and later this year.

Rating: 8.2/10

The Lovers Guide in 3D: Igniting Desire (DVD) / 2012 Alive Mind / 66 Minutes /

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