The Lumineers – The Lumineers (CD)

The Lumineers gained much critical acclaim upon the release of their debut EP in 2011. This 2012 release looks to expand upon the styles, approaches, and genres originally broached during this title and expand upon a variety of different sounds. Flowers in Your Hair is the first track on this LP, and provides listeners with the first hint of the band’s inimitable new-folk leaning. Throughout the tracks on this LP, The Lumineers are able to go and insert just a little bit of pop; this allows them to strike out boldly in a way similar to a Mumford & Sons or Defiance, Ohio.

The Lumineers allow Classy Girls an additional minute, which moderates some of the unpolished edges that were first encountered on the onset. Gradually increasing the length of their tracks, The Lumineers get listeners into a fever pitch by the time that Dead Sea, the clean-up track, begins.

The overall feel of Dead Sea continues through to Slow It Down. The tempo of this track follows the prescription of the band, and the resulting track is one of the strongest on the album. Perhaps this is due to the band’s compositions revealing themselves in an easier way, but I like Slow It Down and others of their ilk. What results with this self-titled release is something that stands up to repeated listens, with each subsequent spin revealing more about this varied and always-on act. Make it a point to pick up a copy of The Lumineers, and see exactly where the band will go, both in terms of studio releases and tours that will likely stop around your side of things.

Top Tracks: Flowers In Your Hair, Slow It Down

Rating: 8.6/10

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