The Villains – Velocity (CD)


There are few bands out that create rock music. Sure, there are rock radio stations, but I feel that a number of their playlists exclusively deal with metal and more heavy forms of rock. The Villains look to recall the days of Whitesnake, Every Mother’s Nightmare and .38 Special. While the band usually ends up taking the stage with country acts (Montgomery Gentry and Keith Urban, to name a few), I feel that The Villains are able to crossover much more easily than a straight country band would.

Cadillac is precisely the track that The Villains need to capture listeners; in this track, the band shows that they are completely comfortable in their own skins. The arrangements are solid, the instruments on-point, and listeners will be salivating for more by the end of this introduction. I’ve Got A Feeling is another laser-guided hit; the veteran performers that comprise The Villains know precisely what listeners want, and are able to give it to them time in and time out. You’re The Only Right is the perfect song for the middle reaches of Velocity; it is able to intimately speak to listeners, no matter what age or level of musical familiarity that they may possess.

I want to hear The Villains live; I feel that, even with Velocity representing a perfect introduction, that the band’s spirit and catchy nature would be multiplied in a live setting. If you would like to understand how rock was and how it should be, just listen to a few tracks on Velocity. The band is able to reclaim this genre and do it in a completely unique way. I’m excited for where rock can go in 2012 and beyond.

Top Tracks: Rainy Day Girl, You’re The Only Right

Rating: 8.5/10


The Villains – Velocity (CD) / 2012 Toucan Cove Entertainment / 12 Tracks /

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