Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego – The Complete Series (DVD Set)


Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego is a show that anyone that was alive during the nineties will remember. It was based on a series of computer games that increased individuals’ reasoning skills, and made it through 40 episodes before production wrapped up. The show perfectly straddles the line between education and entertainment; the animation style is absolutely stellar considering the absolutely poor style that was dominant on Saturday morning television during this time.

Rita Moreno voices the titular character here, while Tim Curry and Jennifer Hale voice other important individuals – the rest of the cast (Rodger Bumpass, Scott Menville, and Jennifer Hale) represent realistic and compelling vocals for the main characters.

The show has enough in the way of staying power that the episodes are still being shown on The Hub; pick up the complete series for $13 and see exactly why that was. Mill Creek has added a number of features to further increase the value of this set. For those that want to branch out, they have included episodes of Liberty’s Kids along with a full-length film – The Secret Garden. This value-priced compilation would be a perfect birthday or holiday gift for anyone. Check out the Mill Creek website for a listing about the other products that they will be releasing in 2012; their slate is incredibly strong.

Rating: 9.0/10


Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego – The Complete Series (DVD Set) / 2012 Mill Creek Entertainment / 569 Minutes / http://www.millcreekent.com

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