Angel’s Crest (Blu-Ray)


Angel’s Crest is a movie that has been ripped from the headlines; it focuses on a town’s desire to find a lost child. The film begins with Ethan (Thomas Dekkar) and his three-year old child playing; the children is missing after playing in the snow. This initial act leads to the different motivations and character developments that are found in the film. Everything begins to unravel for the father – there are charges that are brought on eir by the city for eir neglect, while the individual bringing the charge has been in an illicit affair with the father’s wife. There are other hints of storylines present in Angel’s Crest, but I feel that they have limited relevance to the main story.

The child’s body represents a polarizing force for the city in which Ethan lives; individuals either sympathize or demonize Ethan. The different motives and desires of each character make for a film in which viewers will be unsure of the outcome until the last few moments of the film. I feel that there is a considerable amount of room for a sequel here; I would like to know what ultimately happens to the rest of the ancillary characters that viewers grow to love over the film’s hour and a half runtime.

I believe the filmography here does well to point out the hopelessness in the situation, first in the search and after in the search for justice. The video quality of this Blu-Ray is incredibly sharp, and the title possesses a crisp audio track. Magnolia has a number of releases through the end of 2012 – give their site a spin if you would like to see where they go from here.

Rating: 8.0/10


Angel’s Crest (Blu-Ray) / 2012 Magnolia Pictures / 93 Minutes /

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