DREAMERS will haunt you in their new video on VICE

“Sick of the redundant dicklessness surrounding them” and featuring members of We Are The World, Dreamers s/t drops this week on Germ, stream the entire album over at Electronic Beats

WATCH: Appaloosa
(via Vice)

LISTEN: Dreamers – s/t
(via Electronic Beats)

LISTEN: City of Hope (Jimmy Edgar remix)

WATCH: City Of Hope
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LA’s electronic thrashwave duo Dreamers debut their batshit crazy horror/sci-fi meets Dance Party USA video for their rumination on 1984 “Appaloosa”, where frontwoman Megan Gold gives birth to ghouls as well as our favorite pop-stars from the 80s (MJ, Prince, Eddie Van Halen, Madonna). Come for the terrifying birth scene, stay for the excellent choreography. Dreamer’s debut album of high-voltage techno-punk is out this week through Germ and Disco Tormento in Mexico, listen to it now over at Electronic Beats.


“Punching, searing sonic beats punctuate the puncture of Gold’s voice, which sounds like Siouxsie Sioux grew up listening to Hole‘s Pretty On The Inside on repeat. Or what the fuck ever, it sounds like what it is: thrashy, trashy ravepunk that makes you sweat like a beast before making you swoon with a surprisingly beautiful climax.” – Electronic Beats

On an unseasonably warm Spring day, Megan Gold skipped 5th & 6th period during her junior year of high school and headed to the new coffee bar hang out with her punk rock friends in Tacoma, WA.  It was then that she first met Robbie Williamson. He made her coffee & when he looked at her with startlingly blue eyes, she entered through a porthole. A wormhole. A vortex.

In time, Robbie dropped his bass and picked up a QY70 and later, Logic. Stomping around wet Seattle streets, tape man in place, Megan found what she was looking for in Robbie’s beats. She kissed her Ronnie Wood, Patti Smith, and Plastic Ono Band records good bye for now.

She didn’t want to sing in another dude rock band. She wanted to feel her spine being realigned with magical sonic combinations.

Suddenly, every sound that every single thing around her made was a possibility via this new noise He was making.

Luckily, they were at the same party with a gypsy DJing their future. They were sick of the redundant dicklessness all around them. It was like the beach scene in the original Planet of The Apes with the Statue of Liberty poking out of the sand. Get me outta here! So they set out to make music that sounds like paint hitting a Pollock with beats that would make the African king in a Basquiat painting get loose, and Elvis make out with PJ Harvey in a dark corner. That was a while ago.

Since then these two Dreamers have painstakingly honed their sound and the result is an electrical storm of punk rock and minimal techno. Dreamers strive to push the electronic envelop while staying true to their anti-homogenization heritage.  Williamson’s driving, angular production coupled with Gold’s haunting tenor make for a Siouxsie meets Modeselektor double feature.


5.25 Dreamers release party @ Club Los Globos Silverlake, CA w/ Hecuba, Moonbird, Mecca, Vazie Andrews. DJs Mor Elian and PDA
(presented by Germ, Fever, and LA Record)
6.11 @ The Echo – Los Angeles, CA with ESP and Hecuba

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