Occult Academy – Complete Series Premium Edition (Blu-Ray)

Occult Academy – Complete Series Premium Edition / 2012 NIS America / http://www.nisamerica.com

This is the authoritative Occult Academy release. For those that have not seen it, it is the third effort by Anime no Chikara (So Ra No Wo To, Senko no Night Raid). In the show, 2012 sees the destruction of the world. Time travellers are sent back to 1999 to fix the issues that lead to the death of the world, and ultimately learn that humanity’s salvation rests on finding and destroying the Nostradamus Key. An array of different supernatural happenings are linked to the key, making Fumiaki and Maya detectives of a sort.

The 13 episodes of the show are captured on Blu-Ray, ensuring an utterly realistic experience. The original Japanese language is present, while the English subtitles are spot-on in terms of accuracy. The bonus item – a 1999 student planner from Waldstein Academy and an additional planner – further increases the overall value of this release.  I personally dig this inclusion over other featurettes as it firmly establishes the dates when the major events of the show occurred. The box set will fit perfectly on a bookshelf, while the heavy-grade materials used in its construction will undoubtedly weather  any sort of ding or other trauma which it may endure.

The transfer to the Blu-Ray format is stellar, ensuring an immersive experience that is made better through a crisp audio track. Make sure to purchase your copy of the Complete Series Premium Edition from the NIS America store; they are offering a substantial discount along with free shipping.  Keep an eye out for the rest of the NIS America releases; they have a busy end of 2012. As always, strong sales of products like the Occult Academy Premium Edition will allow NIS to release a wider array of anime.

Rating: 9.5/10

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