Petrel – “Bombshell” Single Review


The sheer power which the band puts into Bombshell far outstrips other pop acts on the scene.  The track is more varied fare than what typically is played on the radio; the track’s rich production allows hints of girl group pop, rock, and R&B all to be heard. As Petrel moves towards the hook, this sister trio is able to harmonize and drive the melody deep into listeners’ minds and hearts. Whether it be Dream, The Donnas, Rihanna or The Pretty Reckless, Petrel’s Bombshell soars due to the wide array of different influences heard during the song’s three and a half minute runtime.

The eclectic sound of Bombshell will undoubtedly distinguish Petrel from the numerous new acts that have cut their teeth in 2012. While the track will be taken up most eagerly by younger fans, Petrel’s appeal extends far beyond the 18-25 set. The act is veterans despite their average age; their creative output on Bombshell is tempered through a long history of tour dates and heartfelt conversations with the leading musical acts of today.

I would like to hear how Petrel evolves and changes; I believe that they will come forth as headstrong and catchy on a LP as they do on this single. I would like to hear other Petrel tracks to have a better appreciation for the variety and unique qualities that all three bring to the table. Make it a point to check out their website, and see whether they will be coming to a city around you.  Bombshell is destined to be the first big summer song of 2012; make sure to give it a few spins so you can be ahead of the curve.

Rating: 9.0/10

Petrel – “Bombshell” Single Review / 2012 Self / 1 Track /

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